1) Inviteset command. This command will let you customize the invite message for all type of join and leave and will also let you set the invite message channel. No more sending ugly embeds for invite.
2) Announcement command. This command will let you customize the welcome message, leave message, image message, image link and the colors on the canvas and the channels where the welcome and leave announcement will be sent. So no more using different commands to set things cuz it's too boring to remember all commands and we know that.
3) Now you can provide the number of winners you want to be picked next in a giveaway reroll.
4) The purge command now has many subcommands and those are
r!purge bots <count>
r!purge user <@user> <count>
r!purge humans <count>
r!purge embeds <count>
r!purge mentions <count>

1) All the announcement command has been removed and has been merged into one command named as r!announcement.
2) The invite-log option has been removed from r!set and r!delete and has been evolved into a more advance command named as r!inviteset. The inviteset commands let's you customize the invite message on welcome and leave and also let's you set the channels.
3) The r!feedback command has been removed.
4) The r!leaderboard command used to display only top 15 invites but now it will display all the invites, because all invites matter.