Prefixes: r!, @RILP BOT#8384

To find a guilds prefix mention: @RILP BOT#8384 prefix

Command Example: r!help, @RILP BOT#8384 help


(Please do not include these when typing commands)

[] - Optional paramater

<> - Required parameter


Command Description Usage
kick Kicks a member from your server r!kick <user> [reason]
ban Ban a member, optional time limit r!ban <user> [time] [reason]
softban Softban a member r!softban <user> [reason]
unban Unban a member r!unban <user> [reason]
mute Mute a member so they cannot type or speak r!mute <user> [time] [reason]
unmute Unmute a member r!unmute <user> [reason]
vckick Kicks the member from voice channel r!vckick <user>
totalbans Find the total number of bans in the server r!totalbans
lockdown Locks a channel (time is optional) r!lockdown <channel> [time] [reason]
unlock Unlock a locked channel r!unlock
lock-server Locks the whole server r!lock-server
slowmode Activate slow mode in a channel r!slowmode [#channel] <time>
warn Warn a member r!warn <user> [reason]
warnings Get warnings for a user r!warnings <user>
delwarn Delete a single warning for a member with WARN_ID
Delete all the warnings for a member
r!delwarn <warn_id>
r!delwarn <user>
deafen Deafen a member r!deafen <user>
undeafen Undeafen a member r!undeafen <user>


Command Description Usage
role Add/remove a user to a role or roles r!role <user> [-] <role>
rolehumans Add/remove all humans to or from a role (LIMIT - 1 Role) r!rolehumans [-] <role>
rolebots Add/remove all bots to or from a role (LIMIT - 1 Role) r!rolebots [-] <role>
roleall Add/remove all users to or from a role (LIMIT - 1 Role) r!roleall [-] <role>
rolein Add/remove a role for all the users who are in the mentioned role (LIMIT - 1 Role) r!rolein <in role> [-] <role>
rolecancel Cancel any ongoing role assingment in the server r!rolecancel
addrole Add a new role, with optional color and hoist r!addrole <name> <hex color> <hoist>
embed Sends an embed message. By default the guild icon is the thumbnail, if you don't want a thumbnail mention none in that place. r!embed [#channel] [embedTitle] | [embedMessage] | [embedFooter] |
[embedColor] | [embedThumbnail] | [embedImage]
editembed Edits an old embed that was sent by RILP BOT r!editembed [#channel] <message ID> [embedTitle] | [embedMessage] | [embedFooter] |
[embedColor] | [embedThumbnail] | [embedImage]
say Sends a normal message (not embed) r!say <message>
addcmd Add a custom command r!addcmd <cmd name> <cmd result>
delcmd Delete a custom command r!delcmd <cmd name>
editcmd Edit a custom command r!editcmd <cmd name> <new cmd result>
delrole Delete a role from the server r!delrole <role>
listcmds List all the custom commands r!listcmds
listmods List moderators r!listmods
mentionable Toggle making a role mentionable on/off r!mentionable <role>
purge Delete a number of messages from a channel. (limit 1000) r!purge <count>
purge bots Delete the messages sent by bot. (limit 1000) r!purge bots <count>
purge user Delete messages for a user in the channel. (limit 1000) r!purge user <count> <user>
purge humans Delete the messages sent by human (ignores bot). (limit 1000) r!purge humans <count> <user>
purge embeds Delete the messages containing embed(s) in the channel. (limit 1000) r!purge embeds <count> <user>
purge mentions Delete the messages with mentions in the channel. (limit 100) r!purge mentions <count> <user>
rolecolor Change the color of a role r!rolecolor <new color> <role>
nickname Change the nickname of a member r!nickname <user> <nickname>


Command Description Usage
gstart Starts a giveaway in your server r!gstart <#channel> <time> <no of winners> <prize>
gdelete Delete an ongoing giveaway r!gdelete <message_id>
gcreate Starts a giveaway in interactive mode and you can add participation requirements. r!gcreate
greroll Reroll the winner of a finish giveaway. Number of winner is optional r!greroll <message_id> [winnerCount]
glist Get the list of all running giveaways in your server r!glist
gend Stop a running giveaway before the time ends r!gend <message_id>


Command Description Usage
afk Set an AFK status to display when you are mentioned r!afk [status]
afk messages To see the messages sent to you in a particular server during your AFK period. r!afk messages
afk ignore Add the ignore channel so that your AFK won't be removed in that channel. r!afk ignore <#channel>
suggest Create a suggestion r!suggest <suggestion_message>
report Create a report against another user r!report <user> <report_message>
ping Get the bot's API Ping r!ping
invite Get the bot's invite link :D r!invite
binary Convert text to binary r!binary <text>
color Find information about a color r!color <color-name | #hex code>
decode Convert binary to text r!decode <binary>
ascii Convert the text to ascii r!ascii <text>
weather Get the weather info for a place r!weather <place> [C/F]
poll Start a simple poll r!poll <poll question>
adpoll Create an advance poll with multiple options r!adpoll "Poll Question" <option1> <option2>
remind Set a reminder r!remind <time> <reminder_message>
steal Add a emoji to the server using emoji or a image url. r!steal <emoji | image url> [emoji name]
privacy To see the privacy policy of RILP BOT r!privacy
uptime Get the bot's uptime r!uptime


Command Description Usage
serverinfo Displays server information r!serverinfo
userinfo Get user information r!userinfo [user]
avatar Get a users' avatar r!avatar [user]
botinfo Get bot info r!botinfo
emojis Get the server emoji list of the server r!emojis
emojiinfo Shows information about an emoji r!emojiinfo <emoji>
roleinfo Returns info about the specified role r!roleinfo <role>
djsdocs Search the discord.js docs r!djsdocs <query>


Command Description Usage
addinvites Add invites to the supplied user addinvites <suspicious | regular> <user> <invites>
removeinvites Remove invites from the supplied user removeinvites <suspicious | regular> <user> <invites>
invites Invite check of a user r!invites [user]
inviteinfo Display information on a user's invites r!inviteinfo [user]
leaderboard Shows the invite leaderboard of the server. r!leaderboard
resetinvites Reset everyone's invites or the mentioned member one on the server r!resetinvites <all | user>
syncinvites Synchronize current bot invites with the one in the Invites tab in your server settings r!syncinvites


Command Description Usage
meme Returns a meme r!meme
dog Returns a cute picture of a dog r!dog
cat Returns a cut picture of a cat r!cat
panda Returns a cut picture of a panda r!panda
wink Wink towards the specified member r!wink <user>
hug Hugs a specified member r!hug <user>
eject Creates a among us eject display picture for a specified member r!eject <user>
emergency Creates a among us emergency display picture r!emergency <message>
gay Creates a gay overlay for a specified member avatar r!gay <user>
pat Pat a specified member r!pat <user>
triggered Create a triggered gif of a specified member avatar r!triggered <user>
wasted Create a wasted overlay on the specified member avatar r!wasted <user>
dadjoke Gives a random dad joke ⁣ r!dadjoke⁣⁣ 
ytcomment Creates a YouTube comment with the given text ⁣⁣r!ytcomment <text>⁣⁣⁣ ⁣
rps Play Rock Paper Scissor with the bot ⁣r!rps⁣
love Shows affection meter for the specified member ⁣r!love <user>⁣
rate Rate the specified user ⁣r!rate <user>⁣


Command Description Modules Usage
blacklist To set blacklist words for the server WHEN ADDING MORE THAN ONE WORD DONT ADD COMMA JUST LEAVE A SPACE
  • add
  • delete
  • list
  • check
  • deletall
r!blacklist <module> <word/words>
set To set a module
  • mod-log
  • suggestion-log
  • report-log
  • message-log
  • channel-log
  • invite-log
  • join-log
  • leave-log
  • mod-role
  • mute-role
  • autonick
r!set <module>
delete To delete a module
  • mod-log
  • suggestion-log
  • report-log
  • message-log
  • channel-log
  • invite-log
  • join-log
  • leave-log
  • mod-role
  • mute-role
  • autonick
r!delete <module>
autorole Add/Delete/List the autorole for the server
  • add
  • delete
  • list
r!autorole <module> <role>
settings To get the settings of the server r!settings
toggle Toggle on or off any command or command category. Turning on or off a category will turn on or off all the commands in that category. r!toggle <on/off> <command/command category>
mod-only Make RILP BOT mod-only for your server, so user with mod role and MANAGE GUILD or ADMINISTRATOR permission can use the bot r!mod-only <on/off>
config To get information how to set the modules or delete the modules r!config


Command Description Usage
announcemnt To set the join and leave announcement, message, channels and image Check the variables ⁣r!announcement⁣⁣⁣
inviteset To set the invite join and leave announcement messages, channels Check the variables ⁣r!inviteset