Prefixes: r!, @RILP BOT#8384

To find a guilds prefix mention: @RILP BOT#8384 prefix

Command Example: r!help, @RILP BOT#8384 help


(Please do not include these when typing commands)

[] - Optional paramater

<> - Required parameter


Command Description Usage
kick Kicks a member from your server r!kick <user> [reason]
ban Ban a member, optional time limit r!ban <user> [time] [reason]
softban Softban a member r!softban <user> [reason]
unban Unban a member r!unban <user> [reason]
mute Mute a member so they cannot type or speak r!mute <user> [time] [reason]
unmute Unmute a member r!unmute <user> [reason]
vckick Kicks the member from voice channel r!vckick <user>
totalbans Find the total number of bans in the server r!totalbans
lockdown Locks a channel (time is optional) r!lockdown <channel> [time] [reason]
unlock Unlock a locked channel r!unlock
lock-server Locks the whole server r!lock-server
slowmode Activate slow mode in a channel r!slowmode [#channel] <time>
warn Warn a member r!warn <user> [reason]
warnings Get warnings for a user r!warnings <user>
delwarn Delete a single warning for a member with WARN_ID
Delete all the warnings for a member
r!delwarn <warn_id>
r!delwarn <user>
deafen Deafen a member r!deafen <user>
undeafen Undeafen a member r!undeafen <user>


Command Description Usage
role Add/remove a user to a role or roles r!role <user> [-] <role>
rolehumans Add/remove all humans to or from a role (LIMIT - 1 Role) r!rolehumans [-] <role>
rolebots Add/remove all bots to or from a role (LIMIT - 1 Role) r!rolebots [-] <role>
roleall Add/remove all users to or from a role (LIMIT - 1 Role) r!roleall [-] <role>
rolein Add/remove a role for all the users who are in the mentioned role (LIMIT - 1 Role) r!rolein <in role> [-] <role>
rolecancel Cancel any ongoing role assingment in the server r!rolecancel
addrole Add a new role, with optional color and hoist r!addrole <name> <hex color> <hoist>
embed Sends an embed message. By default the guild icon is the thumbnail, if you don't want a thumbnail mention none in that place. r!embed [#channel] [embedTitle] | [embedMessage] |
[embedColor] | [embedThumbnail] | [embedImage]
editembed Edits an old embed that was sent by RILP BOT r!editembed [#channel] <message ID> [embedTitle] | [embedMessage] |
[embedColor] | [embedThumbnail] | [embedImage]
say Sends a normal message (not embed) r!say <message>
addcmd Add a custom command r!addcmd <cmd name> <cmd result>
delcmd Delete a custom command r!delcmd <cmd name>
editcmd Edit a custom command r!editcmd <cmd name> <new cmd result>
delrole Delete a role from the server r!delrole <role>
feedback Send a feedback to the RILP BOT Support team r!feedback <feedback message>
listcmds List all the custom commands r!listcmds
listmods List moderators r!listmods
mentionable Toggle making a role mentionable on/off r!mentionable <role>
botnick Change the nickname of the bot r!botnick <new nickname>
purge Delete messages from the channel (LIMIT- 1000) r!purge <number of message>
rolecolor Change the color of a role r!rolecolor <new color> <role>
nickname Change the nickname of a member r!nickname <user> <nickname>


Command Description Usage
gstart Starts a giveaway in your server r!gstart <#channel> <time> <no of winners> <prize>
gdelete Delete an ongoing giveaway r!gdelete <message_id>
gcreate Starts a giveaway in interactive mode and you can add participation requirements. r!gdelete <message_id>
greroll Reroll the winner of a finish giveaway r!greroll <message_id>
glist Get the list of all running giveaways in your server r!glist
gend Stop a running giveaway before the time ends r!gend <message_id>


Command Description Usage
afk Set an AFK status to display when you are mentioned r!afk [status]
afk messages To see the messages sent to you in a particular server during your AFK period. r!afk messages
suggest Create a suggestion r!suggest <suggestion_message>
report Create a report against another user r!report <user> <report_message>
ping Get the bot's API Ping r!ping
invite Get the bot's invite link :D r!invite
binary Convert text to binary r!binary <text>
color Find information about a color r!color <color-name | #hex code>
decode Convert binary to text r!decode <binary>
ascii Convert the text to ascii r!ascii <text>
weather Get the weather info for a place r!weather <place> [C/F]
poll Start a simple poll r!poll <poll question>
adpoll Create an advance poll with multiple options r!adpoll "Poll Question" <option1> <option2>
remind Set a reminder r!remind <time> <reminder_message>
steal Add a emoji to the server using emoji or a image url. r!steal <emoji | image url> [emoji name]
privacy To see the privacy policy of RILP BOT r!privacy
uptime Get the bot's uptime r!uptime


Command Description Usage
serverinfo Displays server information r!serverinfo
userinfo Get user information r!userinfo [user]
avatar Get a users' avatar r!avatar [user]
botinfo Get bot info r!botinfo
emojilist Get the server emoji list of the server r!emojilist
emojiinfo Shows information about an emoji r!emojiinfo <emoji>
roleinfo Returns info about the specified role r!roleinfo <role>
djsdocs Search the discord.js docs r!djsdocs <query>


Command Description Usage
addinvites Add invites to the supplied user addinvites <suspicious | regular> <user> <invites>
removeinvites Remove invites from the supplied user removeinvites <suspicious | regular> <user> <invites>
invites Invite check of a user r!invites [user]
inviteinfo Display information on a user's invites r!inviteinfo [user]
leaderboard Shows the invite leaderboard of the server. r!leaderboard
resetinvites Reset everyone's invites or the mentioned member one on the server r!resetinvites <all | user>
syncinvites Synchronize current bot invites with the one in the Invites tab in your server settings r!syncinvites


Command Description Usage
meme Returns a meme r!meme
dog Returns a cute picture of a dog r!dog
cat Returns a cut picture of a cat r!cat
panda Returns a cut picture of a panda r!panda
wink Wink towards the specified member r!wink <user>
hug Hugs a specified member r!hug <user>
eject Creates a among us eject display picture for a specified member r!eject <user>
emergency Creates a among us emergency display picture r!emergency <message>
gay Creates a gay overlay for a specified member avatar r!gay <user>
pat Pat a specified member r!pat <user>
triggered Create a triggered gif of a specified member avatar r!triggered <user>
wasted Create a wasted overlay on the specified member avatar r!wasted <user>
dadjoke Gives a random dad joke ⁣ r!dadjoke⁣⁣ 
ytcomment Creates a YouTube comment with the given text ⁣⁣r!ytcomment <text>⁣⁣⁣ ⁣
rps Play Rock Paper Scissor with the bot ⁣r!rps⁣
love Shows affection meter for the specified member ⁣r!love <user>⁣
rate Rate the specified user ⁣r!rate <user>⁣


Command Description Modules Usage
blacklist To set blacklist words for the server WHEN ADDING MORE THAN ONE WORD DONT ADD COMMA JUST LEAVE A SPACE
  • add
  • delete
  • list
  • check
  • deletall
r!blacklist <module> <word/words>
set To set a module
  • mod-log
  • suggestion-log
  • report-log
  • message-log
  • channel-log
  • invite-log
  • join-log
  • leave-log
  • mod-role
  • mute-role
r!set <module>
delete To delete a module
  • mod-log
  • suggestion-log
  • report-log
  • message-log
  • channel-log
  • invite-log
  • join-log
  • leave-log
  • mod-role
  • mute-role
r!delete <module>
autorole Add/Delete/List the autorole for the server
  • add
  • delete
  • list
r!autorole <module> <role>
settings To get the settings of the server r!settings
toggle Toggle on or off any command or command category. Turning on or off a category will turn on or off all the commands in that category. r!toggle <on/off> <command/command category>
mod-only Make RILP BOT mod-only for your server, so user with mod role and MANAGE GUILD or ADMINISTRATOR permission can use the bot r!mod-only <on/off>
config To get information how to set the modules or delete the modules r!config


Command Description Modules Usage
welcome To set the join announcement modules
  • toggle <on/off>
  • channel <#channel>
  • message <welcome message>
  • del-message
  • image <image link>
  • image color <circle/welcome text/username text> <hexcolor>
  • dm <on/off>
  • del-channel
⁣r!welcome <module>⁣⁣⁣
leave To set the leave announcement module
  • toggle <on/off>
  • channel <#channel>
  • message <leave message>
  • del-message
  • del-channel
⁣⁣r!leave <module>⁣⁣⁣ ⁣
greet-config To get information on how to set the modules for welcome or leave ⁣r!greet-config⁣⁣
test To test the greetings messages you have set r!test <join/leave>